Wattpad Book Review: Trouble Maker



Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/8919052-troublemaker


Winnie Indigo has got the most powerful weapon against Brody Casen and she is planning to use it against this resident bad boy. His black book, his personal diary with all his thoughts and secrets but is it really worth the trouble having a leverage against a boy who she has crush on and is also known for being ruthless?

Something pulls you into the book

Do you know how many trash i have read in name of young adult or high school romance and almost half of them have disappointed me so badly that i hated the entire theme of young romance and then i stumble upon wattpad which is like a paradise for such books. Almost every other book is a bad boy vs good girl and out of those millions if i say that i have actually found a good one that kept me captivated then it has to mean something? Right?

The book is pretty good and real with nuisances and maybe that’s why i found it more appealing less cliche and sugary. Its funny and sometimes filled with teenage anguish but still anything and everything about it made me love this book.happy-agnes-icon

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