Asian Drama Review: My Beautiful Bride

“My soon-to-be bride all of sudden disappeared. And I turned into a monster to find her”. The drama depicts the heartbreaking, pure hearted love by a man, who drives himself to the extreme situation in order to find his only love, his bride.

TV review : Faking It !!

The romantic comedy “Faking It” uses a liberal Texas community and a high-school-age cast to present a commentary on sexual orientation, tolerance and acceptance among young people today. Karma and Amy are inseparable friends who rely on their bond for comfort and support. In fact, they are so close that, after numerous failed attempts to click with the popular crowd, they are outed as lesbians. It’s a big mistake that needs to be corrected — unless it has advantages! For Karma and Amy, being thought of as lovers means instant celebrity among their peers, and there is no way the ruse can end now. “American Idol” fans may recognize Katie Stevens, who plays Karma. Stevens was a ninth-season finalist on the singing competition.(official synopsis)

TV review : Scorpion

Based on a true life incident, this is the story of Walter who has an IQ that exceeds Einstein and is recruited by homeland security to help them solve cases with the help of his super impressive IQ and equivalent team of geniuses

TV Review: Galavant

A fierce warrior…( well at least in theory) looses his love to a ruthless king and now he will do anything to get her back. Galavant is a musical comedy that will keep you laughing till the very end

Asian Tv: Bad Guys (korean)

Three fugitives are being scouted by a police officer to support him in his investigation regarding a serial killer who is terrorizing the streets. But how far can you trust a group of serial killers to hunt another one before all hell breaks loose.

Asian TV: My lovable girl (Korean)

A music composer who is deep in mourning over the loss of his fiance finds solace in form of his late fiance’s younger sister and what follows is a whole string of romance, pain, revolt and forbidden love. Will the odds favor their love or crush them

Tv Review: Supernatural

Two brothers brought together in their search for their missing father ends up fighting every monsters that you have read in books. But when you fight with forces that are way above you, consequences won’t be light. You are bound to pay the debts in blood. Watch two brother fighting demons and causes for supernatural occurrences around various towns in America

TV Review: Constantine

The series is small screen adaptation of the character Constantine made famous through DC Comics’s Hell Blazer Series. Constantine is one man’s fight against demons that is waging a war on this earth.

TV review: Gotham

Of course everybody knows about Bruce Wayne and how he became Batman but does anybody know what was Gotham like when he was just a boy and before he became Batman? or anybody aware of James Gordon, the good old detective that is there in every batman movie. Then this series will give you the answers

TV review: How to get away with Murder

Four ambitious law students are caught up in a troublesome situation involving a murder and now they have to use every skills they have learnt , working and learning under a criminal professor to get away with the murder

TV Review : FIFA WORLD CUP 2014

     Day 01: 13th June Brazil vs Croatia Score Card : Brazil -3: Croatia- 1 of Course this was the very first match of  2014 world cup and that being played on their home ground so naturally there was a tremendous amount of pressure on Brazil and its star player Neymar Jr and of course…

Tv Review : King and Maxwell

Series : King and Maxwell Channel : TNT Plot : Two ex secret service operatives after being kicked out of the force had joined together to run a private detective firm and what series takes us through is the various cases they handle together A humorous and fun show…. at least it used to be …

Tv Review: Golden Boy

Series: Golden Boy Channel : CBS Plot: The series tells the story of Walter Clark Jr and his climb from being a rookie cop to the youngest Police commissioner within the span of seven years by revisiting his past and career Rating : 4/5 Golden Boy is indeed golden Its a pity that when I…

TV Review : Star Crossed

Series: Star crossed  Channel: CBS Plot: Aliens and humans are trying to live peacefully alongside but things are not always smooth between both the races and then to complicate things, a couple starts falling in love ,creating a modern day tale of Romeo and Juliet except in this case, it is between an alien and…

TV Review : Sherlock Holmes

Show: Sherlock Holmes Plot: Based on the Arthur Conan Doyle novel, the series is a modern take on sherlock holmes and his science of deduction and the taste for solving complicated cases Channel : BBC Status : Currently in its third season Simply Amazing The series is pure adrenaline rush and really gripping with stellar…