Wattpad Book Review: FAITH : A Dorm. A Delinquent. A Girl.

thumb Book: F.A.I.T.H. – A dorm. A delinquent. A Girl

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Plot: Dawn Academy is not your usual high school grounds. Only the richest among the richest can walk its grounds and having a meeting with the president to discuss dinner menu is easier than getting an admission here but then how is Rihanna Gessner, admitted to this school at the mid of the session strictly against school policies and why is that suddenly everybody is interested in her.

VerdictIf I was on the Booker Prize panel, this author would have walked away with an award

In my entire reading experience there has not been one book where i could not  see the twists coming from miles away. No book has ever managed to surprise me as much as this book and to quote the the author,” i had to call the hauling company to pick up my jaw from the ground”  which went down after all the surprises that where thrown in my face.

I held my breath for two days (not literally of course otherwise this would have been coming from my grave) and finished almost 50 chapters in one breath and then following the rest of the story as the author kept updating it. (which i tell you was a whole bad version of patience endurance test)

The story gets hold of you so badly that until you read it you can’t feel the air in your throat. I  summon all authors out there or aspiring authors to please come and read this book and you will understand how to tug the strings of your readers’ heart, Making them laugh, cry rejoice and even giving them a minor heart attack because the author did that for me.

Although i would say that the ending was kind of loosing its hold on me …felt it was stretching a bit…and eventually the end kind of slipped into the usual young adult romance template…

but hey it is one of a kind..so i basically don’t care.  

one of the most impact ful book i have read.

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