AUTHOR INTERVIEW- Sambhav Ratnakar

I am probably triple his age, but while my resume would finish up in just a single line, Sambhav Ratnakar’s resume would run paragraphs and paragraphs. His achievement and dedication are a reflection of a generation that is more wise and fast growing. Even at an young age, he has achieved so much and stands being a true inspiration for all others. Apparently he is also a person of few words :P. Catch India’s youngest author in our author interview Continue reading AUTHOR INTERVIEW- Sambhav Ratnakar


Author Interview: M.L. Mackworth-Praed

She is an artist, a model and an even brilliant author. Where usually people would prefer light and breezy romance for their first book, M.L. Mackworth-Praed had brought out a strong content that will not only make you stop and think but force you to take a look at your surroundings and urge you to question the world we live in and start noticing things that on any other day we would have happily avoided. A book with various layers, THE FUTURE KING: LOGRES is a true reflection of its creator, who herself is not far behind in intrigue level. Her words just unravel the amazing person she is. Catch M.L. Mackworth-Praed in a wonderful chat with us. Continue reading Author Interview: M.L. Mackworth-Praed