Spoof- The ELITE

WARNING: DANGEROUS FOR DIE HARD FANS OF THE SELECTION SERIES BY KIERA CASS  Those of you who cant stand to hear anything bad about the books in the Selection series please step away from this page and for the rest of them… enjoy a little humor 

Recently in a discussion about the book, The Elite of  “The Selection Series” with one of the most amazing person I have ever known in my whole life… (for security reasons and fear of wrath from all “The Selection” Fans, i am naming the person. ) BRITISH COLUMBIA, wrote me a wonderful spoof on the book. it made me laugh so hard that i knew i had to share it

In our discussions we went on to climb hills about majorly how we both hated the name America for the central character and how it lacked creativity. so the spoofs actually reflects ” BRITISH COLUMBIA”s irate towards the same along with a humorous version of how according to BRITISH COLUMBIA, the sequels will turn out …;)

So here enjoy a hilarious take on THE ELITE

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BRITISH COLUMBIA…. you rock (you know that right)

(in case you are wondering why America…. is blond in the comic when she is supposed to be a red- head and why they all are dressed in casuals when they should be in Gowns and robes…. then its because the comic has been created using the site “PIXTON” and the resources are limited out there unless you want to pay (NO THANKS !!! ) .)

the same person has a spoof on”THE ONE” too…

so check out the spoof on “THE ONE” HERE