Wattpad Books


What is Wattpad

Well to the world it might be one more addition to the addictive social sites. For me it is a whole treasure box of amazing talents; fresh and raw. Wattpad is a small community where anybody above age of 13 can pour their heart out in form of stories, quotes or poems and many of these stories, to me,  resonates more than the published and popular works out there.

My brush with Wattpad

I was introduced to the site by one of my friends who was actively involved in the community and had a pretty decent fan following for her works herself, though I did not achieve a sliver of that attention partly because I m not that actively involved in writing. So yes for the sake of fun I joined the site and left it at there and continued my romance with books but recently I found myself stumbling on to this site more often than I wished and ended up going through couple of stories that kept me madly glued to it.

Wattpad and its inhabitants

Interestingly many of the writers on wattpad are teenagers, young enough to be my own kids, had I been married by now. So if you are questioning as to what these 13 year olds or 15 year olds can do, then simply pick out any of the featured or popular books and you will realize that many of these brains can actually be a huge threat to the well accomplished authors out there

Why are these works good?

Majorly because all these works on wattpad comes from pure passion and heart and not under the limitation of commercial barricades. These kids, adults anybody that is actively shelving out works on wattpad are doing majorly because they enjoy writing or want to share the characters and plots that haunt their dreams and this dedication and love is evident from their works itself.

While at it let me be clear to the fact that these works may not be in pristine condition and can come with huge shortfalls but even diamonds are mere stones before it is cut and polished for use. There have been cases of works being picked up from wattpad and went direct into publishing

So through this section I want to share some of the stories that have truly moved me or impressed me and hopefully boast of reading their works even before they become national best sellers.