Wattpad Book review : The bad boy’s girl

The Bad Boy’s Girl


Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/2376933-the-bad-boy%27s-girl-bad-boy-series-1


Tessa O’Connell is your everyday high school girl who is tormented on a daily basis by her ex best friend turned bully and to make it worse she also happens to be the girlfriend of the one boy Tessa ever liked and had nurtured a massive crush for years. while dealing with these she is thrown another curve ball, Cole, brother of her crush and also somebody who lived to make Tessa’s life miserable with his pranks. Now he is back in town after a stint in military school. So now Tessa is looking forward to the exciting life of dealing with two bullies and watching her crush with her arch enemy/ Bully. Who says there is lack of drama in high school?

Its young, its cute, its charming and its downright bone tickler

Please do not under any circumstances take that I am a sucker for romantic novels which I believe is the impression I m leaving by picking up one after another of these romance sagas. The thing is wattpad is filled with these little tiny guilty pleasures and I can’t help falling for one of them and that is how I ended up with this book which apparently has a huge fan following and a mad crowd of addicts for the series. I won’t go to that extent but yes the book has definitely managed to impress me a lot. Why? Because it’s damn funny people. The characters are quirky and will keep you on your toes. Plot wise it’s the usual romance potboiler mixed with high school, lab partner, proms, cuteness, charm, bad boy, good girl and relationship troubles, teenager angst and other paraphernalia but it’s the comic elements, the cute little banters and one liners that steals the show for this book. I want to say its fresh but then frankly I have actually come across plots same on this line yet this definitely grab eyes and attention. Come on! If it has millions of fans and followers that means the book has some magic to it.


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