Book Review : Red Glove (The curse workers #2) by Holly Black

Red Glove holly black

Book: Red Glove

Author: Holly Black

Plot: Cassel’s brother is found dead and it is revealed that the murderer is a women wearing red gloves. Now he is on lookout for this murderer along with dealing his crazy family especially his mother and her intrusive behavior and the fact that he is a worker and this secret having the potential to damage everything he has worked for in his life

Rating: 4.5/5


Probably one of the best series worth investing your time

The curse worker series is definitely going to be one of my favorite series from now on. The first book, White Cat had some shortfalls but in spite of that I had actually loved it and that is the reason why I hopped on to its sequel, Red Glove, without thinking twice. Red Glove turned out to be more fun than the preceding book.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why I loved this book like

a) The plot is absolutely brilliant and not your usual young adult plots that revolve around romance and make out sessions. This series actually have a plot and focuses on it rather than the emotional dramas.

b) For the very rarest of times, I have actually found a female author that have created and narrated a successful story from a male point of view that genuinely sounds like a male than a PMS-ing teenage girl and because of this very reason I m in awe of the author.

c) Each characters in the book have a solid presence and purpose of being there

d) At least in the second book, things are much clear and run at an extremely good pace.

e) No hovering. It sticks to the actual incidents rather than running lines after lines of explanation. For example if one is walking then the author does not go on explaining why he is walking or how he is walking. Author maintains it simple by saying he is walking. As simple as that. Take it or leave it

The book maintains a nice flow from the start to the end. There are ample twists and turns to keep you interested. Language and narration is way better than the first book. But one has to get used to the author’s style of narration because from my observation, I take that the author does not believe in too much explanation of what, why and who and you need to actually stay awake to grab everything which is good and at least not that worst as it was in White cat

The book is good, and probably one of the best young adult series you can grab, if you are tired of the usual antics that gets written as new adult/young adult which is nothing less to pointless stories yet fully detailed and focused sex chronicles. Red Glove actually have a story that is really interesting and fun to read with a beautiful narration and language yet somewhere lacking in detailing if you are an addict for descriptions. Most importantly it is short and crisp.