Book Review: The Bergamese Sect by Alastair Gunn

Cover3Book: The Bergamese Sect

Author: Alastair Gunn

Plot: A mail that threatens to uncover the greatest mystery of all time put lives of many into a spiral. The mystery seems to have the potential to wreck havoc and to prevent that from happening, all the national agencies are fighting it out with nails and teeth to hunt the mysterious man who has sent the mail but in this race lives of many gets revelations that they have been looking for the whole life

Rating: 4/5


It’s a fun read but a tad bit long

First of all a huge thanks to the author and his team for lending me a copy of his work to read

The Bergamese Sect is truly a great piece of work considering, what I believe is the author’s very first work. The plot is interesting, something that will evoke a whole lot of theories and opinions based on ones ideologies and perception. To put it simple, the whole concept of UFO and alien abduction has been a pretty good fodder for controversies and conspiracy theorists all over the world. Everybody has their own opinion of Alien life forms and this is the core of the book.
The plot, as I mentioned will be totally on how you view the concept of UFO and alien life forms but what I liked about the book is that there is a visible effort in researching the topic. There are so many validations and contemplation throughout the book while engaging in a thrilling race against time. The language of the book is another topic for discussion. It’s a bit complex and adorned and actually gave me a little tough time when I started reading it but eventually I fell with its flow and actually started loving the beauty in the language. Narration is pretty engaging. But the truth also lies in the fact that the book is really lonnnnng. It’s either me or in realty the book is kind of an extensive narration. Whatever may it be the truth is that I did find the book a bit long and it took days for me to complete it.

Apart from being intimidated by the length of the book, I found the book to be really good. Interestingly, I felt that the author did not force his opinions on the readers (but to notice this you will have to complete the book). Whatever he puts forward comes with enough justification and arguments to convince you. I love the author’s effort towards forming a proper core for the book. Also I did not notice any loose ends but then again the whole topic of aliens is very vulnerable and open to personal judgments and because of which everybody will have their own opinion regarding the plot and its points but other than that the book is pretty intense and well written

The book is pretty extensive and rich in its plot so you better hold on as this is going to take a while. I felt that the book was lengthy but apart from that I have no other complaints because it is a well researched, written and narrated book that is engaging and is a good dose for thriller fans. The language let me warn you is not simple and is kind of complex and in my opinion intelligent and artistic. The topic of the book is pretty perceptive which means it totally depends on your perception of alien life forms for this book to appeal you.