Book Review: Epic of Gilgamesh




World’s first Literature work

There are a whole lot of versions and translations available and i survived much better with N. K. Sander’s version that focussed more on a smooth flow of the epic tale rather than line by line translation that would have left a whole lot of blanks.

Epic of Gilgamesh is one of history’s first known literary works. Dating back to 18th century BC even before Homer’s Iliad, this Mesopotamian poem is still a work in progress since the whole tablets on which this poem has been inscribed is still to be found and the once we have is still in bits and parts . The version that is prevalent today is a mere compilation and translation of the recovered and excavated tablets found over the period of time.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is an amazing tale of bravery, greed, brotherhood, power hunger and relationships, everything that germinates the modern day stories. In fact various aspects of the story resonates in other stories that we have learnt over the ages like the tale of Enkidu and shamhat can be seen in a different version in the adam and eve story, we all love also Utnapishtim’s version of flood is another form of noah and the ark and there are so many other instances that reminds you of stories popular in various cultures which shows as to how the very first literature and story development paved way to many others

Anybody who is a keen reader or lover of stories and fables or an avid fan of classics, Epic of Gilgamesh is a must read. Ironically the story stands true for modern day world as well. It shows the human nature as intended to be.

Epic of Gilgamesh is filled with mythological elements, larger than life heroes and of course Assyrian and Babylonian gods