Book Review : White Cat (The Curse Workers#1) by Holly Black


Book: White Cat (The Curse Workers #1)

Author: Holly Black

Plot: Cassel has these weird dreams, dreams which stars a white cat. There is something mysterious about the way the cat appears in his dreams and he wakes up in deathly situations barely escaping. While his dreams haunts him, his family seems to be at the epitome of secrets and many of which having answers to his dreams and especially the mysterious white cat that conveniently appears both in his dreams and real life.

Rating: 4/5


At least its different from the usual Paranormal Books

White cat is one of those books for me that has equal points for being a bad and a good book,which makes me kind of half minded about it.

Lets start with the good points first.

The book has a pretty interesting plot line and is quite different from the usual paranormal books you will read and that alone makes it a worthy book at least for me. The story even though has lots of layers, is also simple enough to make it exciting and worth sticking around till the end. I don’t know what is it about the language, but it definitely eases you into the mood of the whole book but let me just clarify here that i m not that greatly impressed with it though.Unlike other young adult and paranormal books, there is no unnecessary emotional out bursts and dilemma.Book focuses on the plot and its flow which makes it less boring and easy enough without too much emotional verbal diarrhoea that is so often seen in other books and that is why i loved it.

Lets look at the bad points 

I hate when author assumes that the readers are all brilliant brainy creatures and leaves narration in clues for us to keep up.The author conveniently forgets to explain the whole paranormal world and its dynamics or anything that can make us understand what is going on. The author expects us to pick up clues and glue it together to realize what is happening which in my opinion is not the smartest thing to do because it takes us readers away from the plot and all our time is spend in trying to understand the paranormal world and how it works. There may be fans for this kind of narration but i m definitely not one of them. Even after finishing the book i m still clueless to half of the stuff regarding the paranormal elements. This lack of proper explanation of the basics of the plot and being cryptic is for me, the biggest drawback of the book and i hate it for the same. Its like we have opened to the middle of the book and trying to get through with whatever we have. There are places where narration is extremely choppy and you do not know whether the author is talking about the past or the present. There is no smooth flow or transition. sometimes its like you have skipped pages. There is no gradual development. You blink and something major has passed and you failed to take notice leaving you to flip back to pages.

Its surprising that in spite of having crucial flows i m still in awe of the book maybe its the different plot or the ability of the language or may be my patience level.come whatever may it be, i did find it a good read.

This book is something that i cannot put exactly as good or bad because its both. The book has no smooth development or transition. There is no proper construction to the basics of the plot which makes you feel like you are reading the book from its middle without no clue of its head and tail but at the same time the language even though at times floating in air without purpose leaves you wanting to read it. The story is something that is quite different and in fact this book is refreshingly different from all those high school romances and paranormal stuff and there is actual plot to it.