Wattpad Book review: Letters from Peyton

Letters from Peyton


Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/17641841-letters-from-peyton


Life is not always bed of roses sometimes the thorns are what helps us see the beauty even in pain. Letters from Peyton is a short story of a girl who is battling with cancer and during these ill fated days stumbles upon something really nice.


Its short yet powerful

Five minutes of your time is all what it requires but it will be the sweetest yet emotionally strong five minutes of your life. This is a short story in form of quick diary entries by a girl who is battling cancer and just as all those books says that even in our worst days and times something hopeful and bright do waits for us in the corner and we just have to have the eyes for it.

The short entries are simple , fast and intriguing enough to keep your attention and it ends in a very powerful way.

Warning: its not a happy ending

I love the technique and presentation used by the author and of course narration is something that enhances this piece.

Emotionally strong and heart touching


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