Book Review : Rouge (Rouge#1) by Isabella Modra

Rogue-ebook (1)

Book: Rouge (Rouge#1)

Author : Isabella Modra

Plot : Rouge tells the tale of a girl born with supernatural power and her dilemma as to whether shout out to the world about her powers and use it to save people or keep it a secret to have a shot at normal life and to save herself from the people who will go to any lengths to have her powers and secrets.

Rating : 4/5


There is something different about it 

Rouge was one of those books that i ended up finishing in one go and in my case it is a big deal because there have not been very many books that had the same fate so i guess it means something.

Rouge is stuffed with your usual young adult/paranormal stuffs.The elements are all the same but in spite of that it sill appealed to me so much. I actually had fun reading it in spite of the fact that major chunk of it was repetitive of what i have seen in all other paranormal romances.But i think its the beauty of the language or its simplicity that made me keep reading it.I love how even with the usual elements the story had so much twists and turns making it same and yet different as the same time.The plot angles were superb in my opinion and it kept the book alive.

I loved how the book starts in a particular way and changes its direction completely to proceed to yet another track. So in short, the plot keeps a good hold of your attention.

The book in spite of being the usual young adult/paranormal romance, somehow has a plot that is brilliant and different with its flow and nail biters. Its like even if you know how this is going to end up,there is still something that pops out completely unpredictable making it an interesting read. I think the best part is the narration and language of the book that kind of helps you immerse thoroughly in the book, at least it did it for me and that is how i ended up finishing the book in one day.