Book Review : Brutal Youth by Anthony Breznican


Book: Brutal Youth

Author : Anthony Breznican

Plot: Brutal Youth is a tale of friendship,survival and growing up. Moreover its the tale about getting through one of the toughest period in one’s life : High school. The book is dark and intense and brings you facts that may not be all that pleasant

Rating : 4/5

Pretty Intense and a very well put together book 

“The things we surrender to when we’re young, we keep surrendering to the rest of our lives.”

Brutal Youth is a glaring example of the fact that none of us are born evil but its the circumstances that makes us evil. Sometimes we do things that seems right and justified at the moment but only to be felt as wrong and evil when looked back.

Brutal Youth is a story that tells the story of youth, friendships, debauchery,heartbreak, survival instincts and everything in between.The book brings you characters that are real. Just when you think a person is good and trustworthy, the character turns over to the other side and ironically you kind of agree with them in their evilness. you kind of feel for them and get a better understanding of how and why a character behaves in a certain way

The book is intense and pretty realistic enough for me. What is best about the book is its well developed plot with rich characters that are shaped perfectly. Each characters are defined and portrayed perfectly with their basic behavioural patterns and background, making you relate and fall for the story more intensely. Narration is superb and the whole plot is brilliant. The only problem i had was that it was kind of lengthy. 

I loved the fact that there was so many beautiful lines throughout the book. The language is good and the flow is perfect but yeah being a bit lengthy at times it can be a bit cumbersome. There are a whole lot of characters in the novel and don’t worry as each one of them are equally important and well defined but those who are not used to reading books with too many characters, they may find it a bit difficult tracking who is who.

This book actually brought back a whole lot of memories from my school days and maybe that’s why the psychology of each of these characters were quite understandable. You have to give credit to the author for making a whole lot of characters have their own personal identity and appear different without overlapping each other. It takes work and is visible in the novel

The book is pretty intense and dark and if you believe this is going to be an easy read, think again because for one this is a lengthy book and one that is nothing less of a roller-coaster taking you through a whole lot of emotions and lessons and probably evoking memories from some of the hard chapters of your school life. The plot is fantastic and the whole book is a perfectly cooked dish with proper ingredients being the characters, narration, language and flow.