Book review: Keep you from Harm ( remedy #1)by Debra Doxer



Book : Keep you from Harm

Author: Debra Doxer

Plot : Raielle has been grown in and out of foster homes and now suddenly she hears that she has a family somewhere and once she lands at their home and new neighbourhood everything changes, the powers, the secrets are all coming to the surface, disrupting the already fragile life of hers and amidst all these is her attraction to a boy

Rating : 3/5


its the usual stuffs 

“Keep you from harm” sounds pretty interesting and capturing both from its title and cover but sadly as you go through the book, you realize that it goes through the same stuff that you usually get in a paranormal romance. couple tied with the advantages and disadvantages of supernatural powers and its consequences.

In my opinion the author is good, the story had a lot of potential as the initial track was very promising but it suddenly deviated to the same old high school romance,prom and relationship troubles touched with a little of paranormal elements. but so is Twilight, obsidian,Ethereal, fallen angel, angel fire, elemental series and a whole lot of other books I have read.

The book follows the typical track for any paranormal young adult

boy and girl meet for the first time …. check
instant pull towards each other…. check
broody/hot/mysterious/popular hot male reserved only for our heroin…. check
initial hatred converted to friendship to joined at hips relationship…. check
big fight….check
a crisis where both stick together to fight… check…check…and double check

Now what is different?
just the elements and contents of the book otherwise everything else is kind of ” been there seen that” stuff

The book is good but the problem is that its everything that have already been read, tried and long past gone. The plot is very predictable (at least for me having read around 30 to 50 books that was solely based on the same theme ). But yes the ending was a bit different and fortunately or unfortunately made me proceed to its sequel with a hope that it is not another cliché