Book Review : To Have and to Harm (remedy #2) by Debra Doxer



Book: To have and to Harm (Remedy #2)

Author : Debra Doxer

Plot: The book starts from where the first book ” Keep you from Harm” left. Raielle is now getting used to her powers and is learning things about the extent of her power and life that she never knew and also is bringing her closer to more destructive secrets and people while making her leave everything, including her love behind

Rating: 3/5


its a better sequel at least 

“To Have and to Harm” is at least much better than the first book and have comparatively a presence of plot that lacked in the first book. First book for me was just another high school romance. The sequel starts off from the cliff hanger that the first one left us in but to be honest i could still predict where it was bound to go.

The book starts off nicely just like the first book and brings you a whole lot of twists and turns only to revoke back to the romance and the chemistry between the characters which is fine but when it slows down the story it is kind of annoying. The problem i had with the book is that it is unnecessarily lengthy. half of the book was covered with their arguments and internal conflicts and emotional descriptions which is ok in a moderate level but not when it covers 70% of the whole book. I personally felt that the book was stretched beyond any reason and scope. You could follow and agree till about 20 chapters but to me the seven chapters after that was kind of dragging along. it was more like development of something interesting and then eventually fizzling out of its purpose 

I am amazed as to how much page and time has been devoted to the whole love making scenes and i did not see the point of each of these ones except for stalling and waiting for a new turn to appear. It was kind of tedious. i m still confused and clueless to the meaning of the title of the book

To have and to harm (can somebody please explain to me the title because i can’t) is much better than “keep you from harm”. This one at least have a plot to it. But the problem is that it is unnecessarily lengthy with too much relationship crisis and emotional turbulences and steamy episodes that it completely sidetracks from the original plot and drains the readers of their energy and concentration. the last seven chapters in my opinion was unnecessary and simply dragging along without any particular aim. i was in the end glad to have finished the book, which is not a good thing to say about a book. it could also be the fact that i m running out of patience for all these young adult books that kind of moves on the same tracks all the time 

N.B i honestly wish that all these young adult authors stop focussing on sex scenes, chemistry and physical attraction and would rather focus on a nice and exciting plot line sans too much emotional drama and physical attraction rubbish.