Book Review: My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal



Book: My last Kiss

Author :  Bethany Neal

Plot : It was her 17th birthday part. But it also was her her last day on earth because at the end of the day her body was found drowned near to the party. But she is still on earth except that now she is a ghost who has no recollection of what happened last night except that she knows for sure that somebody pushed her over the bridge.

Rating : 4/5


Brilliant Plot 
This is by far one of the most brilliant plots I have read in a long time. It provided me something very different from the usual young adult novels which basically revolve around a couple and their love chronicles sometimes going too mushy or sometimes mixed and wrapped up with paranormal elements.

“My last kiss” is not devoid of romance, heartbreak and other essential young adult stuffs but what makes it interesting is the wicked plot line that just gets more and more intense as it proceeds and is a pure thriller addiction. I love the way how the plot is developed and just when you think “ ok now I get it” and make conclusions, it goes on to an entirely different track.

I m in love with the ending of this book. in most cases by last pages, all the energy and elements are worn out, but in this case, the last couple of pages is where your brain gets put into action. Things are moving at rapid speed and no it does not confuses you or something but for me, it was like being bombarded with surprise elements one after another and that made me shout out loud to the author for gripping me like an addict to the book especially with its ending.

The only problem with the book is its language and flow of narration which I believe is kind of choppy because there were certain parts which kind of was not self explanatory more like ramblings with no head and tails but I have still got Goosebumps from the ending of the book

The book has one of the best plots I have come across especially for a young adult novel and what is the best part of the plot is its ending which was something that I enjoyed most out of everything in the book but there is also problem with the flow of narration as sometimes it seems to be lacking head and tail