Book Review: Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff


Book : Boy Nobody

Author : Allen Zadoff

Plot : A teenage assassin is sent on to a mission which tends to revive memories of his past which was conveniently subdued by the organization he works for

Rating : 4/5


Light and simple and kind of reminds me of famous five and secret seven Series

The book is simple and light and in fact so easy breezy that I was able to start and finish it in matter of hours and it makes for a great read if you are looking for something fun and non serious. Kind of famous five and secret seven series. So you could kind of say that Boy Nobody can be our modern day Famous five version except the book has one main character rather than five.

The book is kind of an oil slick over water which even though get to you with the full plot, does not actually plunge deep into the story or narration. The flow and language can be said to be used keeping kids in mind yet somehow will be a good read for anybody who decides to pick it up.

Its starts smooth and flows with a good pace and reveals and opens a lot of questions as it progress but yet somehow you finish the book, your questions gets answered and still leaves a lot for a possible sequel. The main character or any other character is not deep and intense as you may have in many of the adult series but yet stands as a good and sturdy character for our plot and book. Had this been done with more intensity and depth, then it could have been made for a good new thriller series like Borne identity as strong potential is seen in the plot

The book is an absolute light read and can be actually covered in a day’s period but only if you are not looking for something deep and intense