Movie Review : 3 Days to Kill


Movie : 3 Days to kill

Plot : An Aging CIA agent embarks on the last mission of his career at the same time when he is trying to reconnect with his estranged wife and daughter

Rating : 4/5


Refreshingly Good and quite a bit of laugh to share too

If you are anything like me then you would probably be thinking that this is another picture that is cashing in on the success of Taken starring Liam Nesson . Well technically it does, with an aging actor playing a CIA agent well past retirement age and a teenage daughter to protect but surprisingly this movie is way better than I expected it to turn out and Kevin Costner in the movie do deliver a nice job and do not go overboard by doing something that is totally unbelievable to have been pulled by an aging actor. He sticks to his character and believable portrayal and while this is an action flick I was impressed with the incorporation of quite a bit of humorous scenes and even if you feel like you have seen it all, the way it has been pulled in the movie is refreshing.

The movie plot may not be much but with a superb performance by Kevin Costner and Amber Heard this movie is definitely a fun watch. Now since it’s an action flick, let’s talk about the action sequences in the movie. Sadly it does not have very many of them and what they have actually is timed and still is appreciable though.

The movie is a fun one to watch with nice performance that takes you through the whole movie without boring you and in fact do succeed in making you laugh a bit here and there and in a nice way. Kevin Costner according to me has done a good job.