Book Review : Prodigy (Legend #2 ) by Marie Lu


Book : Prodigy

Author : Marie Lu

Plot : Book Picks up right after Legend (the first in series) and follows more into the struggles of Day and June while they try to live against a corrupted administration while keeping the flames of their love intact

Rating : 5/5


A great Read

 Prodigy being the second in the Legend  series, has kept the flow and the stature that was created by the first book and Marie Lu has undoubtedly has brought in all the aspects that was there in the first book and made me love it all the more.

Legend series is going to be one of my favorite series for being crisp, easy and intriguing. The first book while focused on more personalized struggles of both the characters and the scenario of the world that they lived in, the second book is more focused on the relationship that develops between Day and June , the central characters. The book picks up from where the first book left and the transition is smooth and slow. The second part also gives a brief explanation about the dystopian world which was lacking in the first book. What I like about the book is that the effort is there to differentiate between the narrations of both the characters as the book follows the pattern of multiple POV narration. The characters still stay intact to their true nature as developed in the first book and unlike many other book, does not go for a nose dive as soon as it hits a sequel or a relationship is generated.

Starting of the book is more focused on how both the characters deal with the consequences of the events that emerged in the first book and at the meanwhile tackling with the development of a relationship between them. The book starts off a bit slow and by the middle it just keeps getting better and better and ends up with an exciting climax and as expected the ending even though not exactly a cliff hanger still makes you want to go for the next book in this series.

 If you loved the first book, then this would be a good follow up .The focus more is on the relationship between the central characters nevertheless the story has a good climax