TV Review : Star Crossed

Series: Star crossed 

Channel: CBS

Plot: Aliens and humans are trying to live peacefully alongside but things are not always smooth between both the races and then to complicate things, a couple starts falling in love ,creating a modern day tale of Romeo and Juliet except in this case, it is between an alien and a human

Rating: 2.5/5

Star Crossed: Painfully Disappointing

The trailer of the series was so powerful that I was badly waiting for the series to begin on January 1 but then it got postponed to February 17th making me all the more impatient and increasing my expectations for the series. But when I watched the first episode it was more like an extended version of the trailer and nothing new to it so no points for guessing that it was disappointing but then I decided to give it one more try and I sat down to watch its second episode but it failed to create any impression better than the first one so I am not sure that the series can offer much unless there is something way bigger or fun waiting which I seriously doubt is going to be the case here.

What to look for: In my opinion nothing

What not to look for:


Which even though in narration seems exciting but on screen lacks luster as the so called aliens does not even come across as aliens except for the tattoo on their face. And the whole concept is being really pulled bad


The lead character Roman played by Matt Lanter looks chubby and no way near to a hot alien and then his chemistry with Emery , the female lead played by Aimee Teegarden is lukewarm as well. So nothing powerful to hold you to the series there as well. The supporting casts are also showing loose ends and some of them look plain crazy

 The series is disappointing and does not seem to be going anywhere good at least for now.



8 thoughts on “TV Review : Star Crossed

    1. that’s exactly what i am thinking as except for the tattoo, there is nothing that actually differentiates the aliens and the humans and from what i can see….it is not working


      1. Lol. I love the part on the commercial where the dude in the class (all of them look too old to be in high school as usual lmao) is talking to the alien guy and says something to the effect of “You think you aliens are too good to pledge allegiance to our American flag?!” Lmao. That line kills me.


      2. so true…and frankly the best part of the series was all covered up in the trailer itself … to me trailer was more good than the actual series…

        Seriously while auditioning i think they forgot that these actors have to actually play high school kids…
        all of them looks like parents to high school going kids rather than being a high school-er.


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