Book Review : The Persona Protocol by Andy McDermott


Book : The persona Protocol

Author : Andy Mcdermott

Plot : Our memories are what we are and what if it can wiped off or accessed as if you could access a movie CD? with this latest technology as weapon, a spy takes on one of the deadliest terrorist but only to be confronted with his own secrets that claims to be more volatile than anything else

Rating : 4/5


Superbly Fast paced Spy Thriller 

The book is what you will ever want in a spy thriller. Dropping bombs at neighboring warring countries and indulging in bone shattering and death defying stunts and scenarios and escaping at hair’s breadth each time.

What i like about the book is the new concept that the whole book is based upon and then the pace of the book, which is not exactly superb but yes is decent enough to grab your attention and gives you a nice reading experience. For me the book actually gets really good at the second half and from there the book is absolutely a jet speed thriller. The smart mouth Bianca was one of the best characters for me in the book. I loved the sharp and witty comebacks from her throughout the book and all the other character seems to be in a perfect sync as well.

What i don’t like is that in between there are times when there are so many technical details or if i may say a bit too much knowledge that kind of is hard to digest if you are looking for a simple read but then things pick up pace quickly enough to rectify all that

The book is an amazing read being a decently paced smart spy thriller and the characters that will give you a run for your money.