Book Review: World After


Book: World After (sequel to Angel Fall)

Author: Susan Ee

Plot: The book picks up where it ended in Angel Fall and finds Penryn again in conquest of her sister and meanwhile tackling the malicious plot developed by Angels to destroy humans.

Rating: 5/5


Amazing and irresistible

The book has become sort of a classic and I haven’t met a single person who has not been floored by this series partly because the only person that ever told me that “Angel Fall” was an ok book has not yet come out of coma. Whatever impact “Angel Fall” had created has thoroughly been maintained by its sequel “world after” and I am short of words for its praise because what can you say about something that has practically became a phenomenon.

Why one should pick this book is because of the plot and most importantly the language. The language to me was like a clear glass that reflects every emotion, and characters perfectly giving you an amazing reading experience. What I like about the language of the book is that it is simple, short crisp and to the point and filled with easy flowing wits and humor unlike the forced ones you have to tolerate in many of the young adult genres. The beauty of the book is that no matter who picks it up, they can enjoy the book for its simplicity and intriguing story.

I loved how “world after” has revisited some of the events of “angel fall” in a very nice manner and perhaps this is the only book that I have seen where there is an intense romance playing without the characters actually conveying it or doing anything to show the mutual feelings. There is not a single romantic scene in the book and yet you will feel that these two are the perfect love couples. Now if that is not what you call chemistry then I don’t know what can be…

To tickle my girly bones, Raffe is at his best in “world after” as well and Penryn’s character is well etched with basic human vulnerabilities and the author has not bothered to make her this out of life character and that is what makes the whole characters lovable.

I would suggest reading “Angel Fall” first to read “world after” to understand both the books perfectly

Pick this book if you like to be part of the next great phenomenon or simply because you love reading since this book is everything one wishes for in a book: intriguing plot with interesting characters and narrated in one of the most beautiful and simplest language