Movie Review: Wild Child

Movie: Wild Child

Plot: The film is a light heated comedy that tells a coming out of age story of Poppy Moore who leading to her wild behavior is being sent forcefully to a British Boarding school and what follows is the usual predictable plot how the initial reckless behavior changes to an understanding and perfectly straightened poppy moore by the end of the movie.

Rating: 3/5

Good For a One Time Watch

You can predict the whole plot of the movie by just watching the movie trailer itself as it is the same tested and tried story that is usually seen in the Disney or family movies. The whole movie tells us as to how a reckless Poppy Moore played by Emma Roberts is sent by her father to this British Boarding School in England so that she can be taught a little discipline and how she gradually takes a liking to the school in spite of her initial hatred all thanks to the new-found friends and boy friend (read: Alex pettyfer). The whole story is predictable and in fact so predictable that you could tell what is gonna happen in each scene even before it starts playing on the screen.

What i like is of course Alex Pettyfer who is charming, beautiful and an absolute eye candy and the whole movie barely has six to seven scenes that has Alex Pettyfer and most of those are usually covered in the movie trailer itself. He has been brought down as a mere eye candy without any particular role to his character. Apart from that the movie does not offer much to go ballistic over this one

What i Hate is the acting of Emma Roberts which were all over the place and not exactly where it should have been. She just failed miserably as a dumb blonde or crazy L.A. Girl in the first half and totally irritates you but her character and acting suddenly gets a little better after her transformation into brunette but still too much to handle as a good acting. In fact none of the character except for Natasha Richardson who plays the head mistress and Aidan Quinn who plays emma’s father and the friends, none of the character seems to be in their right mind or that they have a properly etched character like for example the hostel matron, french teacher and the gym teacher all came across to me as half there and not there sort of role

But in spite of all above shortfalls, the movie is a good time killer and is light, cute and romantic movie that will cheer and brighten your moods and won’t kill your brains unless you are looking for some meaningful and thought provoker

Cute and Light heart movie that will cheer your moods if you are not expecting much and good for one time experience