Book review : Personal Demons


Book Name: Personal Demons

Author : Lisa Desrochers

Genre: Fantasy

Verdict : 2/5

Can it be anymore cliche ?

I seriously do not understand as to how could the author go on to write a book that is full of cliche and age old tested formula that is served just the way it is without any changes, improvement or at least an addition of a bit of spice to it.

The story is over and over retold version of Bad boy versus Good Boy and if this is not cliche enough picture the fact that the bad boy is called Lucifer and the good boy is named Gabriel (oh wow! even i could not have thought of something this fresh). To add more fury, the girl falls for the bad boy (wow! what a shocker)and the good guy is always there as a tag along to save the girl. so you got the bad boy and the good boy, all going gaga over one girl and have nothing else to do in life except to wait under her bedroom window and guard against anything evil (somebody kill me… i cant take such fresh concept anymore). To keep things interesting, at the end everything comes to a happy end (wow ! shocker ..shoot me …shoot me now)

The book is not something that you would pick up thinking that it will be an interesting read because right from the first page where you see our bad boy Lucifer landing as a new student in the high school, you know that he is there for our girl and he would end up in a relationship with her and then there would be a good boy and then there would be eventually a love triangle.

The book is really predictable, character too much bathed in cliche behaviors and attitudes and sometimes you can even know what they are gonna say even before turning the page, its that obvious.I do not hate the book, but what i hate is the fact that there is nothing new and too much of obvious stuff and plot to the book.

The writer is good and the language is simple and captivating but sadly there is no plot to actually get someone hooked to it... at least not for me