Book Review: The Immortal Game by Joanaah Miley


Book Name: The Immortal Game

Author: Joannah Miley

Genre: Greek Mythology/ Fantasy

Verdict: 2/5

The book for me was full of misses and hits.

While reading the plot of the story you will feel that the book is going to be one hell of a reading experience but then when you sit down to read you will realize that the plot is really silly and not something that you would except to see the Greek Gods being portrayed especially Ares, The god of War.

Firstly i felt the plot to be an absolute travesty with ripping the core essence of immortal charm and all the mysterious, power and larger than life appeal associated with Gods especially Ares, the God of War being ripped and shredded to portray them as love sick puppies who want the blessings of their parents to get married which in this case is Zeus and Hera ….even the description feels silly and then throw in your popular Greek myths to add to the oddness and it just stirs the whole weak plot all the more.

I hated the plot and the context but at the same time would also say that the author has a good writing style and the narration level is really good quality but does not help much with the already weak plot.

The story starts good, moves to the next level and then tumbles down quickly and gets dragged till a point that you are about to give up and then it gets interesting and elevated all of a sudden.

The basic plot of the story is really childish and weaved with the popular Greek myths, it gets even more weird even though the narration and writing is good.