Book Review: What We’ll Do For Blood

Book: What We’ll Do For Blood

Author: C.L. Mannarino

Plot: In the sleepy town of Northam, Massachusetts, not everyone is who they seem to be. 
Take Scott Whitney, for example. A struggling high school senior, Scott wants nothing more than to have his much-divided, social-climbing family believe him when he comes to them with something important, no matter how often he disregards their rules. 

One night, Scott catches his father’s beautiful colleague, Maria, drinking his father’s blood in their office parking lot. When his father has no recollection of this event, and gets weaker the more he spends time with Maria, Scott turns to his mother and sister for help. When he realizes that Maria has captured their hearts and minds, as well, Scott has to find a way to believe in himself, and become more than anyone thought he was capable of, in order to stop her. But what will it cost him?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Survival of the Brave

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and allowing me to enjoy her work and share my views on the same

What we’ll do for blood is in true sense a story about survival of the brave with the characters trying to fight it out with a supernatural power that is beyond them. The book captures this helpless and fight in its true colour and makes for an interesting read. One of the things that you will notice is the strength and the amount of weightage each of them enjoys through the book.

Its like a view of an all american urban home gathered around the dining table and enjoying family time when suddenly everything goes upside down. The picture of the family is very vivid and clearly painted in the book and i love how each character is well defined and well framed in their descriptions. its like they are very real and living it out in front of you.

The only trouble is that the pace can be a bit monotone. It moves in a straight line but the events and the story in general will make for an amazing read. For vampire lovers the book would be a different treat.