Review: Pickled Poems

Book: Pickled Poems

Author: Janelle Bailey

Plot: Why are there mice swimming in the loo, what are those llamas wearing, and just who is Cherub Ian? Discover all this and more in Pickled Poems, an Aussie anthology of nonsense verse and poems for kids of all ages.

Rating: 5 / 5 stars

Quick and Cute

First of all a huge thanks to the author for sharing me the copy of her book and giving me the opportunity to get acquainted with her book

One thing you would notice in the book is that there is a strong graph of visible transition. You could actually see how each poem gets more and more creative and you could see a change in the tone and narration of each of these poems

The book consists of a multitude of poems and i love how it is a mixture of things that are both light and profound and even the profound poems are narrated in simpler form keeping the word”entertainment” in focus

I think the word “cute” describes the book more aptly.

If you love to read something that is very simple, entertaining, quick and lightens your mood then i think this is your book. I loved it for the fact that with a child like innocence to the poems, it instantly transitions and uplifts the reader’s mood

Some of them are super cute nursery rhyme worthy and some of them were really hilarious maybe they way it rhymed or simply with what it said

I think it is a copy one should keep it to read for simply the fun of it
i really loved and found it to be super cute

Unicorn worthy cute