Book Review: Shades of Adolescence

Book: Shades of Adolescence

Author: Harshita Sharma

Plot: Everyone goes through amazing situations in life, especially in adolescence. This transitional phase of life from childhood to adulthood brings spectacular physical and psychological changes in one’s life which is remembered for good. The same is expressed here. This is a story of a young guy who would remember all the unusual experiences he had as a teenager that made him taste a slice of life. Possessing every quality of a good human being, Samay, who ponders over his past and recollects what all adolescence has introduced in his life; anxiety, curiosity, stiffer muscles, essence of friendship, fragrance of love and much more. Though, we grow older each day, we still long to go back to this dynamic phase of life. Join Samay on this journey and in the process discover your true self!

Rating: 4 / 5 stars


it goes through a lot of phase

First of all a huge thanks to the author for recommending the book to me and giving me the opportunity to get acquainted with her work

Let me be honest in saying that when i started with the book, i couldn’t see anything beyond the fact that the start was showing me everything that every other Indian Romance had. In fact i had started to imagine how the book was going to shape up but it took a while for me to settle down and see the track on which the book was traveling and it certainly traveled in a path that was least expected.

One of the best part of the book is that in snippets, it does convey and show a lot about relationships and growing up and there is a wide range of characters in the book and it is beautiful to see all of them together showing us examples of real life character and of course the central characters are a bright and lucid portrayal of two adolescent minds

The spark of adolescence is perfect and quite honestly much more than that it the small journey that is much more exciting in the book

The author does love to be creative with her language as at various parts you could see the language takes a very prominent adornment specially in the prologue and rest of them carries in the normal fashion aiding the narration of the story

So in general i would say its a quick book but with volume in terms of content and the things it has to say so i would say ..why not !!