Author News : 7 to the Other Side by Roma Dutia

She was perhaps the only author who was so shocked to learn that i would read her book that she ended up calling me and that conversation is going to be one of my cherished memories ever because she called me on a day when  i had received backlash for putting out a bad review for book by an author. Her call not only instantly brightened my day because she had such sweet things to say about my review and blog but her tone had this chirpiness and zest for life that was so infectious and caught me in its web as well. For first time talkers we both were giggling and gossiping about the literary world like we had been doing that  for ages. It didn’t surprise me that her love for life and the chirpiness was reflected in the dialogues and the tone of her first book , 7 to the Other side as well and one of the things that you can look forward to in the book

About the Book

7 To The Other Side23 year old Joshua White wakes up in a hospital bed, unaware of how he got there in the first place. All of a sudden, he sees events from his life being played out right from the time he first attended school with his best friend, George to the birth of his younger brother, Ethan, who looked up to him. He goes through the trauma of losing a dear one and the ecstasy of personal success. He is reminded of a trip to India that changes his life, and the presence of Ayesha- a girl he is romantically linked with. But does he get to pursue his ambition? Is Ayesha really the girl he yearns for? Does his friendship with George stand the test of time? Through these visions Joshua realizes what he meant to others and how they in turn changed his life. But can he change thing or has fate already sealed his destiny?

About the Author

RomaBorn and brought up in Mumbai, 23 year old Roma, graduated as a university topper from Mumbai University by successfully Completing her Masters in Public Relations.

An 8 time district Champion in Table Tennis, a sport which she began playing at the age of seven, Roma achieved the honour of becoming the country’s second best player in  the sport.

(that is what you would find as official Author Bio on the back of the book but when i asked the author to give me one, the version she gave me was too cute to ignore, so i had to share it)

I have completed my Masters in Public Relations and now write full time, I get asked a lot if writing pays but the only thing I tell them is that it could pay me in the future, but for right now it’s a dream to be published and I would like to go one at a time. Not everything we do has to be about the money. 🙂 And well, the masters degree can always take care of that later in life for right now I love my job as a story teller. I would love to speak to anybody that wants to speak to me, even if they have not read 7 To The Other Side,


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