TV Review: Galavant

TV Series : Galavant

Channel : Fox

Plot: A fierce warrior…( well at least in theory) looses his love to a ruthless king and now he will do anything to get her back. Galavant is a musical comedy that will keep you laughing till the very end

Rating: 4.5/5


Its a laugh riot

I might as well give all the five stars to this show which kept me laughing throughout but since you never know the future i am keeping that one star still hanging from giving the series a complete five star rating

Have you watched the show yet? No? Then you are missing on a fun new show.

Galavant is not your usual plate of TV and because of which it makes for a perfect watch. As of today it has premiered itself with two episodes and both have been a fun ride. The comedy is spot on and so is the cast.

But to be fair the series is a musical and you have to have a heart for all the song and dance sequences but then these song and dance routines are the best beads in this chain of comedy along with its actors.

I would say the star of the show has to be Timothy Omundson as King Richard who is brilliant with his comic timing and singing talent. The best scenes definitely is credited to him.Behind him is Galavant himself played by Joshua Sasse. Karen David as isabella, Mallory Jansen as madallena and vinnie jones as gareth are all a treat to watch

The first two episodes itself has truly impressed me. The show is an acquired taste considering that it is a musical but then if you like a clean and simple comedy then this show is for you and you should be probably marking your Sundays to watch Galavant