TV review : Scorpion

TV Series : Scorpion

Channel : CBS

Plot: Based on a true life incident, this is the story of Walter who has an IQ that exceeds Einstein and is recruited by homeland security to help them solve cases with the help of his super impressive IQ and equivalent team of geniuses

Rating: 4/5


A super adrenaline rushed premiere episode with whole lot of hope

Yesterday I happened to watch the very first episode of Scorpion just to know what the whole series was about and i am still trying to settle down all the Goosebumps that came after watching the pilot episode.

Never before have I seen such a strong premiere for a series in my life. There was so much adrenaline and excitement that I felt like i was watching an action thriller movie in its compact version. Well yes the things were moving at rapid speed and kind of like fast forwarded version but it was the best 42 minutes I had ever invested in a series.

The central star and the rest of the cast are yet to grow on me and since it’s the very first episode I have just watched, things are not clear enough to actually point out the best and the worst but the premiere episode was brilliant and had set the tone for the series in a fine fashion and I have high hopes for the series which is currently in its first season and 13 episodes old

Scorpion is your typical “super intelligent genius rescuing the world” but with a movie like quality and impressive script it has definitely proved to be worth watching especially if you are a thriller and a bit of action addict. Well action is yet to be established but thrill factor is definitely there in the series.  



Hold on because this is going to be a speedy and bumpy ride.

After the first episode, things have kind of slowed down in pace but that does not mean that the series has gone down. Its equally maintaining the quality that was set by its premiere episode.

While the actors are still to grow on me, the series is definitely getting to be one of my favorites

Each episode is like a crash course in every thriller movie you have ever seen or hollywood has ever produced. In a 40 minute episode you are watching something that is nothing less than a movie but only in a faster version. Each episodes brings a new problem for the geniuses to solve and even though sometimes its too speedy to catch up, its still an adrenaline fest.

Sharpen your brains people because you need it to watch this one or better pretend like i do for every trivia and facts they say in the series when actually i have no idea what they are talking about

thank god its an action oriented series.