Movie Review : Pitch Perfect

Movie: Pitch Perfect

Plot: Beca played by Anna kendrik is trying to adjust to her new college and its life and she starts to see a new face to her otherwise dull college by joining a group that is trying out for college a cappella and Beca is opened to this new world of music re-invoking her passion and skill of music

Verdict: 5/5 (pure fun)

I had skipped on this movie thinking it to be another chick movie and only decided to give it a try after so many of my friends saw and recommended it highly and when I say highly I am mellowing down the threatening tones that came my way for not watching it and that’s why I finally sat down to watch this movie and now I have to eat my words because it is way better and in fact the best movie I have watched in a long while and is definitely going to be my all time favorite now for being simple and pure fun. Anna Kendrick is at her super best and I m glad that the team of Pitch Perfect is returning with a sequel in may of 2015 and if you have not yet watched the movie below are the reasons why you should not miss this movie.

The movie is pure musical fun and don’t fear when I use the word musical because they are not going to break out into a song routine in the middle of a scene in fact what the movie does is that it restores a passion for the music in you and if you have never paid attention to music you will start doing once you see this movie. The movie has some of the best renderings of all the popular songs and is a pure fun to hear and the next reason is that it is hilarious and smart and witty along with your usual slapstick goof ups. You will have a fun ride watching the whole movie as its entertainment on full scale. It’s a feel good movie and will bring smile to your faces.

Do not miss on this movie thinking it to be another chick flick as I did, because it is way more fun than that and watch it for the amazing song routines and performances if for nothing. Pitch Perfect is perfect in every sense.