Book Review : The Dark side of truth by Gary Caruso


Book: The Dark Side of Truth

Author: Gary Caruso

Plot: On his 10th birthday, Will Reed’s father is sent to jail for attempted robbery and now after five years of ever changing homes and foster parents  Will has finally found a good family to settle but only to find the return of his father asking for his custody and midst this chaos comes the news of Will’s science teacher being murdered and his dad is being taken as a suspect .Will is set on to find the truth that can help his dad from another jail time. But how far will the truth take him.

Rating: 4/5

Author’s hand down

First of all a huge thanks to Gary Caruso, the author of “The dark side of Truth” for lending me a copy to read and review.

The book turned out to be another superb piece just like his other works and i had a fun time reading it.

What i liked about the book is the language and the narration style which is simple and fast paced and moves from one to another scene quit effectively and in a smooth manner and the development of the story is good. Love the central character and acts true to his age of 15 as mentioned in the book even if he is caught up in stuff which is more than his age could handle and see. The thrills are nice and somehow reading this book reminded me,my days of reading “Famous five” and “secret seven” series (in a good manner).
Another thing i liked in the book is the chapter title which was witty, sharp and fun.

For me as a thriller addict, some parts was predictable but the end was definitely a good one and made for a good thrill.

The book is fast paced and have a smooth and enjoyable narration and keeps your interest without any dull moments making it a good read