Book Review : Beautiful Malice


Book Name: Beautiful Malice

Author : Rebecca James

Genre: quoted as Psychological Thriller but basically is  a Human Drama

Verdict : 4/5

Absolutely Fantastic

The book is a roller coaster ride that just jostles and throws you up and down with its crest and trough. The story is powerfully written and is engrossing but at the same time if you are a bit sensitive to human pains and trouble this would not be a fun ride for you. The central character is a magnet for darkness and pain and seems like the grim reaper is always standing by her side ready to take the next one to purgatory . There are points when one thinks that why does the author brings so much pain into the life of the character but the reality is that the book is a mere reflection of the fact that while you rejoice in the happy moments there is always an ugly turn waiting to drop you .

I would have given it five stars but then the whole book was just creating a heavy heart for me with all the pain and loss and especially making me crazy with the messed up character of Alice but nevertheless this book is a fantastic read and for the thriller part, it isn’t much of a suspense as you could definitely guess the suspense part but otherwise the book is a powerful narration.