Book Review: The Raven Boys by Maggie steifvater


Book Name: The Raven Boys

Author : Maggie steifvater

Genre: Paranormal

Verdict : 1/5

Worst Book , felt like I’m reading a Physics Journal

The story is something that haunts you, twists and leave your stomach in knots but sadly the writing style ruined it for me. I appreciate all those who love Maggie’s poetic language but for me it was utter hardship to even get through each page and having to pull through the strings that were being played. Even after finishing up half of the book I was in total oblivion as to what was happening in the book.
I m one of those low brains who cannot understand unless things are explained in simple and catching language than being served with literary sophistications.

Story is you finally understand is so unique and interesting but sadly the language makes it hard to read and makes it really dull for you and ironically there isn’t a single page that would require you to open up a dictionary but still it tends to make the whole reading tedious and that is why I have dropped the idea of reading Shiver, one of Maggie’s popular novels.

If you love a bit of glamorous and classic sort of narration, then this would appeal to you but if you are like for whom simple language says it all then leave this book.


Next: Beastly by Alex Flinn

(so that i can detox myself from the hangover of such heavy book)