Book Review: Blood and Discord by Ricardo M Fleshmann

Book:Blood and Discord

Author:Ricardo M. Fleshman

Plot: Armond Fontenot has discovered a family heirloom that may cost him and his partner, Private Detective Moses Byone their lives. In a search to uncover the secrets of his grandmother’s mysterious Ruby Brooch and the truth about the fire that claimed Belle la Vie- the family estate, they unlock doors to the past that may have been better left unopened.

Rating: 5/ 5 stars


Brilliant Start to a new Series

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book to read and allowing me to be part of the new series as well.

The new series is based on one of the colorful characters, Armond Fontenot , who constantly appeared in author’s previous series, Detective Byone. The book feels very refined and having a certain level of calmness to it, making it a smooth reading experience.

One of the special things about the author’s works is that he prefers to keep them short and the pace fast. While the initial books sprinted like a race horse, gradual releases from thereon in the series showed more and more refinement to a point where now the author’s work feels a lot developed, evolved and alluring.

Talking about Blood and Discord, I am in a opinion that you best be accustomed to Detective Byone series first to be able to fully understand the characters reappearing in this book. Those who are aware of the characters would be more comfortable and enjoy the book more thoroughly as a lot of characters from the previous book from the author do reappear in this one

Language as I hinted is so refined and smooth that it feels flowy and satiny, just the kind I like in a book. Yes the author has also acquired an extensive taste for elaborate description of his scenes and background so watch out for those too. But all in all I simply love the author’s work for its adherence to its theme and bringing up mysteries that keep you thrilled and hooked to the very last page. The best part the books is that it is short , crisp and to the point making it perfect to read and relax