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AUTHOR INTERVIEW- Sambhav Ratnakar


I am probably triple his age, but while my resume would finish up in just a single line, Sambhav Ratnakar’s resume would run paragraphs and paragraphs. His achievement and dedication are a reflection of a generation that is more wise and fast growing. Even at an young age, he has achieved so much and stands being a true inspiration for all others. Apparently he is also a person of few words :P. Catch India’s youngest author in our author interview

Book Review: The Covert Perspective by Sambhav Ratnakar


An unexceptional teenager, Amit Joshi discovers a confounding secret his grandfather once held. In a few hours, his life changes completely; he now has to steal the most mysterious puzzle piece in Indian history.A new subject has been added at the top of the ‘Intelligence Bureau’s’ surveillance list.The suspect is a 15 year old.