Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train


22nd June 2015

Ok !! so by now you must have probably heard of this book.

No !!

Then let me enlighten you and introduce you to the book called

“The girl on the Train” by best-selling British author Paula Hawkins.

A book that has been not only enjoyed the position of being The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015 but also remained in the top position for 13 consecutive weeks

So that has to account for something…right?

Well if not then let me add some more star facts for this book….

  1. It is becoming one of the fastest selling thrillers of our times and
  2. It is now becoming a movie…. Yes you heard me right

“ The film rights for the novel has been acquired by Dreamworks  as on March 24, 2014 with Marc Platt set to produce and on May 21, 2015 it was announced that the director of The Help, David Platt would be directing the film based on a script written by Erin Cressida Wilson. On June 5, 2015 it was announced that British actress, Emily Blunt, was in talks to play the role of Rachel” (Wikipedia)

So if you haven’t read the book, then pick it up today ..i I have already picked mine

To know more about the book, visit its Goodreads Page here

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Sources: Wikipedia and Dailybeast