Shannon A Thompson- Minutes Before Sunset

Shannon A Thompson

I am so honored that she has let me to be a part of her “COVER REVEAL TEAM” and i have got the badge to prove it 😉


Clean Teen Publishing has revealed the cover for the Second Edition of her book “Minutes Before Sunset, book 1 of The Timely Death Trilogy”  on March 18th 2015.


If you are a paranormal romance addict then you should be having this book in your collection just like an art enthusiast would hold on to its Da vinci’s with life.

Now that we have the cover 

Mark you calenders for the book release

July 28, 2015–  Release of the Second edition by Clean Teen Publishing with its new cover and new interiors

 Check back on this page or

Track Shannon A Thompson’s official page for  exciting news, her blog for writers and readers

For more about the book

“Minutes Before Sunset, book 1 of The Timely Death Trilogy” that is already enjoying the status of 

146 ratings, 4.3 stars on Goodreads and was also awarded 

Goodreads’ Book of the Month in July 2012

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MY REVIEW OF  “Minutes Before Sunset, book 1 of The Timely Death Trilogy”

About the Author:



Shannon A. Thompson is a 23-year-old author, avid reader, and habitual chatterbox. She was merely 16 when she was first published, and a lot has happened since then. Thompson’s work has appeared in numerous poetry collections and anthologies, and her first installment of The Timely Death Trilogy became Goodreads Book of the Month. She is currently represented by Clean Teen Publishing, and Minutes Before Sunset releases on July 28, 2015.


As a novelist, poet, and blogger, Thompson spends her free time writing and sharing ideas with her black cat named after her favorite actor, Humphrey Bogart. Between writing and befriending cats, she graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in English, and she travels whenever the road calls her.



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