John Hennessy- Reunion of the Blood ( A Tale of Vampire – Book Five)

John Hennessy

Cover Reveal- Reunion of the Blood ( A Tale of Vampire – Book Five)

Ladies and Gentleman, May i have your kind attention please,  for i am about to do an amazing cover reveal. Since i am not a learned in this area, you have to bear with me a little here.

so here we go…..

SO you thought vampires sparkle? or Vampires dance around the bushes, singing happy songs with lyrics like ” your blood smells divine” or “Bite me”? or that they waste the daylight by quoting Shakespeare and going on dates?

if you have answered yes to above three…. then Oh boy !!! you need to meet a real vampire.. like the one that does not shine ( No offense… Edward  Cullen !!… you still will be my first book crush !!)

A Tale of Vampire is a set of seven books that is about to release its fifth book in line

What started as a barely 100 pages short story about a  vampire siblings have now gone on to become much more than a short story. I can hardly catch my breath thinking how this series started and the stage that it is standing right now.. each book in the series is barely 100 pages and yet the kind of adrenaline it spreads is far more than an 800 page book can offer

I am proud to say that i have read all of the book in this series so far and can’t wait for the next book

So here is the cover for the next book, followed by the synopsis

Sadness, Under the storm, Beautiful vampire woman in palace gate, gothic fantasy huge coat, hair in red
Sadness, Under the storm, Beautiful vampire woman in palace gate, gothic fantasy huge coat, hair in red


Reunion of the Blood – A Tale of Vampires, Book Five

“By her blood we are made, by the spilling of her blood will we become undone.”

– Nina O’Hara, Innocent While She Sleeps

– – –

Bound by the vampire’s blood, two men embark on a mission that may result in their deaths.

They plan to do, what no human has yet achieved; and put an end to the line of vampires that has given their lives purpose, but has also blighted their entire existence.

Also bound by her blood, a vengeful vampire is of the same mind. She vows to kill the Dreymuirs for taking her human life when she was just a young woman, fulfilling a promise to her husband, who was savaged to death in front of her.

Left alone in the Castle to fend for herself, a young vampire’s brutal existence may finally be at end.

As she faces her demise in the presence of those she has loved by blood, and those she has made in blood, will she welcome her death, or slaughter all in front of her?

In a race to the death, who will survive the bloodiest of reunions?

Check out my reviews on the previous books to know how awesome it is 😉

Book 1 : Murderous Little Darlings (A Tale of Vampires, #1)

Book 2: The Blood and the Raven (A Tale of Vampires, #2)

Book 3: Innocent While She Sleeps (A Tale of Vampires, #3) 

Book 4: Dream the Crow’s Black Dream (A Tale of Vampires, #4)

And now let me present you the author

John Hennessy

Born in the Year of the Ox, John Hennessy writes paranormal horror for both adults and teens. Originally from Birmingham, England, and of Irish descent, he has lived in New York before eventually moving back to his home city.

A kung fu addict; he teaches martial arts full-time but writes at all other times, working on three series:- Dark Winter, Stormling and A Tale of Vampires.

When he doesn’t have a book in his hands, he likes to travel and see weird and wacky things. He admits to having an unhealthy addiction to Star Trek, Batman, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to name but a few. He will also travel to reputed scary places in England, as he feels it makes his books more real.

Unlike some of the characters in these stories, the author won’t bite!

Catch the author here:

Website/Blog :

Twitter :

Goodreads :

Expected release of the book is January 2016…so you have ample time to read the previous book

So go right now… !!!!

Watch out for this space or author website for more details


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