Anthony Breznican- Brutal Youth

Anthony Breznican

Oh you thought high school was just about teen romance and assignments and a little bit of bad prom photos?. Guess again. We have read about bullying and its various forms in a  lot of fictions but a lot of time it is just that, A  fictionalized version of the real world. The whole thing is either way too much glamorized and spiced up or underplayed completely to narrate a romance or teen drama. But if you are looking for real substance and the raw form of bullying and the psyche of our growing generation then look no further as Anthony Breznican brings you one of the best novels that i read so far that treats the genre of Young Adult as it should be … talking and viewing the lives of teens from their perspective. Life filled with confusion, fear and struggles that each of us had once gone through and yet left behind at the threshold of our adult life.

SO Basically what i am intending to say is that Anthony Breznican’s “BRUTAL YOUTH” is out in its paperback format and if you have not yet read the book, open a new tab along with reading this blog and BUT IT TODAY ITSELF

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