BOOK: My Favorite Mistake

AUTHOR: Chelsea M. Cameron

GENRE: Romance, Drama

Romance/Chemistry: 2/5
Thrill: 1/5
Humor: 2/5
Action: 1/5
Pace: 3/5
Uniqueness: 3/5




No, it was MY FUCKING Mistake

I am warning you. This IS going to be a rant. Yes,, IT WAS.

I couldn’t believe this book. What the FUCK was going on with everyone? I have never seen such idiotic characters in a book before.

You won’t believe the girl a.k.a our protagonist. Throughout the book, she goes like this:

*I hate him*

*Oh I want to kiss him*

*Oh wait does he want to kiss me*

*Oh shit, why am I thinking about kissing him? I hate him*

*But he has tattoos, he plays guitar* (*Guitar playing hippies!!You Tube it bitch!*)

I think she needed a brain transplant. Seriously!!

And her room mates. Gaaahhhhh…………..

Coupled with her and the guy whose name was ‘Hunter’ (*I want to hunt the person who first used this name. No seriously, I want to stick their head on a pike*), it was a room full of idiots. Yes, we as readers had our hands full.

Hunterrr……… was so lame.

Missy. Seriously!!! LAME nickname. And no you don’t want to know how he arrived at it. Hunter was GAHHHHH.


He lets loose a stream of innuendos as if the girls he JUST met are not strangers but his childhood chums. Unrealistic much?!!

And as if that was not enough, he corners the girl a.k.a Missy a.k.a YoYo1 (*I am calling her YoYo1 because YoYo2 is, you guessed it, Mr Hunterrrr ak.a the Guy*) in the bathroom and evades her personal space. Sexy?!! NO. Creepy? Definitely.

Sample it:

The small bathroom space contracted around me, the walls pushing us closer. He took a step toward me and then another. I backed up until my legs hit the toilet.

And this is when he JUST met her. Just because he is good looking and goes by the cliché name of Hunter doesn’t make this scenario sexy. In reality, I think anyone would have tasered the guy.

And after all this, the Guy a.k.a YoYo2 has the audacity to say this with a straight face: “I won’t go far. I know my boundaries”.


Fuck You.What are your boundaries? No tell me you dolt, what are your effing boundaries?

PeePee in the VeeVee? Is that your ‘Boundary’?

And we are supposed to let all of this slide because *SURPRISE*SURPRISE*, he plays the guitar.

And he has tattoos.

And he is good looking.

And Oh, his name is Hunter.

Let me tell you where I will give him a tatt (*Stares pointedly at his the Baby Maker*Hell Yeah*).

This book was so NOT my favorite but DEFINITELY a mistake.




To any movie maker who dare pick it up (*Staring pointedly at THEIR babymaker*Yeah I went THERE)