Alien Bounty Hunter – New Comic Series from Mark Wahlberg

Getting in on the comic bandwagon is none other than Mark Wahlberg. Mark Wahlberg together with Stephen Levinson and Vault Comics is giving birth to a new comic book Hero in their new series, Alien Bounty Hunter.

Alien Bounty Hunter

The Team of Alien Bounty Hunter

Alien Bounty Hunter by Mark WahlbergThe Comic series, Alien Bounty Hunter will be an interesting mix of Action and Aliens giving spark to the rise of a new kind of Comic Action star.  Alien Bounty Hunter revolves around the character of a Bounty Hunter, Ben Madsen and is co written by Adrian. F. Wassel and David M. Booher. The artwork is done by Nick Robles.

This would be another reunion for Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson who had already worked together on Ballers, a comedy- drama Series that starred Dwayne Johnson

Release of Alien Bounty Hunter

Alien Bounty Hunter will open up with a plot that will take its lead character Ben Madsen on an Extraterritorial chase  in alleys and places hidden right here on earth making for an interesting and high voltage action plot for the comic seekers and the makers are in the hope of creating a level to the comic that can eventually convert it into big screen version.

The comic book is set for its debut next month in San Diego Comic Con next month. Alien Bounty Hunter is planning to be a monthly series on its release. Entertainment weekly had recently releases an exclusive sneak peak into the first chapter of the comic

Flip through the sneak peek of the comic released by Entertainment Weekly

Alien Bounty Hunter strip 1Alien Bounty Hunter strip 2Alien Bounty Hunter strip 3Alien Bounty Hunter strip 4


Article Source : Entertainment Weekly