GENRE:  New Adult

SUB GENRE: Vampire,

FORMAT: e-book (epub)

RATING :        
Romance/Chemistry: 3/5
Thrill: 3/5
Action: 4/5
Pace: 2/5



Tooooo Longggggg

The protagonist, Isla Rominskitoff is a vampire with her humanity still intact that makes her a pariah in the Vampire world.  Her family, a bunch of sadistic Vamps, want nothing much to do with her but haven’t yet disowned her for being a ‘Race Traitor’ for political reasons.

Isla is one mouthy protagonist and her mouthiness was entertaining for a few pages. But when she continued with it, almost in every page, you wanted her to just:

giphy (4)

It was like an annoying mosquito buzzing near your ear and refusing to leave you alone unless you smash it to oblivion. Unfortunately, you couldn’t do that to Isla.

However, many of her brethren and non-brethrens did try to ‘smash’ her,  as she refused to kill humans in horrible ways (‘Race Traitor’) but failed miserably. However, I am sure that they wanted her dead more because she was so narcissistically annoying and less because she was a ‘Race Traitor’.

I mean seriously. She spent half her time annoying people and picking fights with  any supernatural being that had the misfortune of being anywhere near her. And then, after the blood bath she kept on WHINING about her ruined Jimmy Choos or white couture dress.

images (2)

Dude, if you want to pick a fight, DON’T FUCKING wear white or couture for that matter. Simple. Would have saved us from your incessant whining. And ditto goes for the Jimmy Choos.  Don’t want it to be redesigned with blood, don’t wear them.

In almost every page, we get a face full of her narcissism. IN ALMOST EVERY FUCKING PAGE. Even I wanted to kill her after that. Yes, we know you are from the Rominskitoff line, having Ambrogio’s blood in your veins so you are super strong, yadaaa yadaa yap yap but hey we got it the first time. Why repeat it again and again?


And her being a CEO of some company and featuring in Forbes list, let’s say after this I wanted to turn into a Vamp and rip off some heads myself.

giphy (1).gif

I would not comment on her promiscuity though. WHAT? The girl liked sex. Big deal.

However, I was hoping to hear something other than the flippant gibberish pouring out of her mouth but even till the climax, NADA.ZILCH, NOTHING.

Now for the slayer , Thorne (that name. REALLY?!!). Let’s say he was a THORNE embedded in my emotional side. I mean the dude couldn’t emote anything other than ‘anger’ or ‘Rage’ or something else along the same line. Or maybe, since the book was from Isla’s perspective, her narcissism didn’t leave much room to sense emotions of anyone else. I never felt myself going all Gooey-eyed for Thorne.

Rather, I found the Vampire King, Emrick far more interesting than Thorne. But of course our protagonist had to go for the boring one (Yeah , don’t gouge my eyes. It is quite apparent from the time she met Thorne). She was NO FUN.

Because of Isla being repetitive about her superiority, her beauty and her designer wear for God’s sake, the book seemed too long.  The story was not moving fast enough. I was really really tempted to skip PARA’s after PARA’s thanks to Isla but did not. (Though it would not have made much difference if I HAD, to be honest)

The King was introduced to us like this:

images (3).jpg

And what we got was this:


Ohhkk. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit.

Ohkk  maybe I am exaggerating. Period. But hey, when it came to Emrick, I was promised this:

download (2)


As for the romance between Thorne and Isla, we were probably expected to go:


But it was so not.

There was absolutely no HARMONY between the characters as one spoke too much and others had no chance to speak which, was FATAL for the reader’s brain cells.

So the question is, will I read the next book in the series? Yes (*Even though Isla’s undead RANT was turning FATAL for my patience*). Why? Because the mystery never got solved for me, thanks to Isla and all her narcissistic babble. I still need answers.

My conclusion:

“In short, you CAN read it if  repetitive narcissism and mouthiness doesn’t get on your nerves. Though for extra measure, keep a therapist’s number at hand. ”


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