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I STAND FOR YOU by Kastro Kiran

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I’m Kastro Kiran. I penned my second story, I STAND FOR YOU, which is the story of a Girl, Kreeti Bhagat, who is brave and kind to the people around her. One day he falls in love with a guy, Rahul Roy, who always thinks of money. She is the one who always wants to serve people. One day, when a group of thirteen girls who were being trafficked by few men, she helps them. That situation changes both of their lives. He come to know about the importance of people around him. She comes to know the pathetic situation of Indian girls who were being trafficked. In the process, he changes his mindset and stand for her. What happened to her when she had helped those girls? What made Rahul to change his mind set? This is the plot of the story. This story is all about a girl. She is the Hero of the story. This story covers all the present day problems being faced by girls. Hope you like the story.

Author Bio

Kastro Kiran was born in Andhra Pradesh, India, and completed his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. He self-published his first novel, When Minutes Went Like Seconds And Hours Went Like Days, at the age of twenty-two, which is the story of a graduation life and received applauds from young readers.
He loves observing people around him, from where he often finds stories. His favourite time-pass is reading books and engaging in conversations with people around him.
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