BOOK: The Dark Ones

AUTHOR: Rachel Van Dyken

GENRE: Dystopian, Paranormal

FORMAT: e-book (epub)

RATING :        
Romance/Chemistry: 1/5
Thrill: 2/5
Action: 3/5
Pace: 3/5
Uniqueness: 4/5



(I hate the cover. HATE IT. I hate it so much that if I had a Paperback of it, I would have covered it with PLAIN, BROWN PAPER. Yes, BORING, PLAIN, BROWN paper. The ones used to make paper bags. What does a bare-chested man have anything to do with this story? The cover is so irrelevant and tells nothing about the story. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Get is out of my sight. AWAYYY.)


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Intense but a weak backdrop

The story seemed lacking. There was so much that was not explained. Characters are important in a story. However, focusing only on them and, not on the setting/backdrop gives the story an unrealistic feel.

The story begins with Genesis, our MC (main character/ protagonist), being chosen by the Immortals. The Immortals consist of a Vampire, Siren, Werewolf and a Half-Human Half Angel called the Dark One. The author never explains how these Immortals came to be and how much of an impact they had on the human race.

The entire book was about Immortals and their world, Genesis being the only thing connecting them to humans. Their (the Immortals) relationship with humanity is not quite clear.

The author probably thought the characters would keep the reader occupied but, the characters are not enough as they lack depth, are quite one dimensional. One never understands the world in which the story is taking place. Is it a Dystopian world? Is it Utopian? Whatever little information we get, we get it either though Genesis (when she is recalling her teachings) or any Immortal kind enough to come out of their pity party.

The entire book revolves around Genesis (and there is not enough in her character to construct an entire story around her). How she wants Ethan, the Vampire who takes her as his Mate to save her life (or so she believes), how much Cassius, the Dark One wants Genesis and how much Ethan wants Genesis but is denying himself because he is afraid to love.

Wanting. Wanting. So much wanting.

It gets repetitive after a while, all this wanting and the romance which seemed off kilter. Instead of repeating the same thing, over and over and over, it would have been better if the author had elaborated on the backdrop/setting.

Now about the characters. Well, they were so one dimensional. They only gave of one emotion and I can’t really blame the characters. Their environment hardly changed and since, a character’s trait comes out as a reaction to the environment/situation they are put in, the characters didn’t have much to show or to react to.

The climax seemed rushed, the twist seemed like it had been thrown in out of the blue just to shock the reader but it never did.

Well, I tried to enjoy the book. Whenever the intensity came, I rode it like surfer does a high wave and, whenever humor presented itself in the form of Mason, the vegetarian werewolf and Alex, the Siren (I wish we could have seen more of him), I tried to enjoy it.

However, by the end of the book, the author was throwing anything at us. It became simply too much. Just because the genre is Paranormal, it doesn’t mean you will give us indigestion by simply throwing anything at us.

I think this book needed a lot of “Beta” reading. Reader’s point of view could have helped the author to figure out the various loopholes and the things lacking.

My conclusion:

“SOOOOoo, you can try it out. Just don’t pull your hair out too much. I know you will be tempted.”