Book Review: Always be mine

Book: Always be mine

Author: Neha Daraad

Plot: There is always a story behind every person. Pain alters our personality. There is a reason why they are the way they are…A journey of two hearts. Arjun was a man who had lost his faith in relation. Aakansha believed in living her life fullest. Destiny made them met. They fell for each other. Arjun and Aakansha were madly in love with each other. Life was beautiful. Everything was the way, Arjun wished life to be. But no love story is ever been complete without heartbreaks! One truth from past changed all the equations in their love story. Our past never leave us…It is not easy to fight back the pain you have gone through…! He was afraid of his past. And then she surrendered herself to his decisions! Now, how will he hold on his love in the difficult times? Will he let her go or will he fight off all the odds to keep his love with him? The tale of two hearts

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Among others….

First of all a huge thanks to the author for recommending the book to me.

Always be mine, for me is every other indian romance book that is out there in the market but fortunately isn’t engineeeing/MBA college romance but still follow the same line of story telling ..That is not to say that the book is bad or shun it in any way . Just that it is one among other such romances.

The language of the book is kept simple but then again a lot of it is in its colloquial form and at times can sound choppy but still compared to others I would still stay that the language usage is better and simple and would have been further more good had not for the colloquial nature it took on.

Narration does a nice work to build up the story in a gradual form but suffers when it has to move back and forth in time. When the story moves to flashback, the jump is almost very brutal that it breaks the flow of the whole book in fact so much that the author has to put it in words to indicate that the narration is going into flashback. I have to admit saying that at times the story feels being narrated in blocks.. like scene 1: boy meets girls. scene 2 : cafe coffee day ( how can any indian romance book be there without CCD.. At times I wonder that the cafe pay these authors to put the brand name in their book or that indian couple has to have at least one cup of coffee to stamp the approval in their romance )

Damn!! It feels that I am ripping apart the book. The truth is that the book follows the same stand as other books and that is the only thing that sort of disappoints me. So all that I say in here is sort of general for every book off this genre because I am tired of seeing the same thing book after book where elements remains the same and only the situations and name of the characters are different . Boy meets girl..Likes her dupatta. ..Salwaar kameez with matching ear rings ( what is the bloody obsession with the ear ring…Almost all romance book has that. Also The book kind of does halt to describe the attire of the girl from top to bottom) go out for two to three cafe coffee dates … Meet friends… Starts ” changing each other” …Meet family.. girl gets hitched to other… Boy goes into depression/ alcohol mode … Later with the divine/friend’s intervention gets her back.. am I missing something or i got every pointers spot on?

For the lovers of this genre this would be another good addition to the collection because apart from the faults that I see in every other book, this one doesn’t have anything that works against it and if you overlook my ranting, it is a pretty decent read.