Book Review: Guruji’s Ashram

Book: Guruji’s Ashram

Author: Sunil Sinha

Plot: Three people died simultaneously in different parts of India, seemingly unrelated but as the investigation progressed the investigators started finding evidences which ultimately not only related these incidents but opened doors to an investigation which was a much larger conspiracy, beyond anyone’s imagination. Tapas had a good job, a bright future and was about to marry the girl he loved but fate suddenly turned against him. That’s when he met a spiritual Guru who taught him Pranayama, meditation, and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Soon, he started taking classes of Pranayama, meditation and started giving Gita pravachan for a small fee. With this modest beginning, he went on to having the largest ashram in India at Puri, Odisha and many ashrams in various countries around the world. An MLA, an American and an Ayurvedic doctor, were instrumental in his rise. Everything was going well for everyone until there was a murder in the ashram. What was really going on? Was the ashram really, what it was supposed to be?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Its sectional
First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and introducing me to his work

Guruji’s Asharam moves in sections. There are various section to the book and unfortunately each of these sections take on a character of its own and tends to go completely detached from the rest of the book. At times everything seems to be part of different entities.The core theme of the book is really interesting and makes for a great thriller but the only trouble is that the basic thread that can pull it intact gets a little weak in between

The book starts with an extremely engaging opening and just when it hooks you in, the story moves into another section and then completely change its mannerisms. For example from a high powered investigation it will soon jump to a slow paced emotional drama carrying flashback upon flashback and you get so caught up in those flashbacks and backstories, that you end up forgetting the main story that started this all until you reach the final chapter where everything is forcibly tied up to give it a comfortable ending which is fine but to the end of all, it feels that you were reading multiple books instead of one story that had so many layers to it.

While that remains one aspect the other thing that irate me about the whole book is the forced erotism to an otherwise decent and simple story.

So just to be clear i am not being excessively prude and saying that i cant tolerate a bit of erotic snippets in the book. My entire book collection is crowded with young adult and new adult romance which is filled with nothing but erotic content. so no i am not being prude i am just being irked at the way everything in the book stops to extensively describe an intimate scene.. why?? what is the point of stopping a thriller just so you can creep out the readers with uncomfortable narration when it isn’t even supporting or adding to the overall story

In sections the book is really good but in retrospect and in comparison to the whole book, there is a serious multiple personality disorder happening to it and the one who enjoys erotic scenes a bit too much..

Just skip those erotic portions (which would be a lot…. and i mean ..a lot) and the rest do have a decent story for you…