Book Review: The Trap by Melanie Rabe

Book :The Trap

Author: Melanie Raabe

Plot: Twelve years ago, Linda’s sister Anna was murdered. Her killer was never caught, but Linda saw him. Now, all these years on, she’s just seen him again. On TV.He has since become a well-known reporter, and Linda – a famous novelist and infamous recluse – knows no one will believe her if she accuses him, so she does the only thing she can think of: she writes a thriller about a woman who is murdered, her killer never caught. When the book is published, she agrees to give just one media interview. At home. To the one person who knows more about the case than she does.

He knows what happened that night and she wrote a book about it but, when the doorbell rings, neither of them can be sure how the story will end.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A very twisted tale of Sisters

The book has a very melancholic tone to it so don’t expect an adrenaline high thriller ride from the book because i did and i had to cope up with the fact that the book is a bit gloomy and takes time to sit well with its readers. Those who love dark and silent thrillers, this is your pick but even if it is not the case, the book promises a good experience but you need to show a bit patience for that

The trap deals with not events or mystery aspect of the story rather the book deals with emotions and the whole story is narrated in its light so you can’t expect blood thumping actions and events but things happen at a very slower space and even then it is rather treated in a way where the focus is on how the central character is feeling at that moment or how she is struggling with things that is happening around her rather than what is happening in the book.

The language is good and does supports well the book but its the narration that is a bit of concern because it is pretty twisted as it fluctuates between our central character’s inner monologues and what is happening around here then going into flashbacks so basically if i have to describe it then i would rather say that the book is like a giant maze where the author is trying out every possible paths available looking for a perfect exit

The inner monologues takes a major chunk of the book but then you can’t fault it as there is a reason why the inner monologues takes such priority because the book deals with a character who has gone dark and has shut down herself from the world so the book in this regard does a good job in narrating the character of an eccentric character in a very dark way

So basically the book is a bit dark, melancholic and more focussed on emotional journey rather than an nail biter thriller. it can be a tad bit slow too.